Wave Gotik Treffen 2007, Leipzig (Photo Gallery)

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  1. Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival In Leipzig, Germany Tobias Schwarz/AFP Photo Approximately 20, goths and other dark subculture fans such as cybergoths, metalheads, steampunks, neo-Victorians, dark romantics, dark electro, industrial, medieval and fetish fans are expected to attend to the Wave-Gotik-Treffen, the world’ s largest gothic and.
  2. Tobias Schwarz, AFP/Getty Images. A dressed up man attends a so-called "Victorian Picnic" during the Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) festival in Leipzig, eastern Germany, on June 2,
  3. Nitzer Ebb performs at Wave Gotif Treffen in Leipzig, Germany, in June (Photo by Paivi Salonen) About a month ago, roughly 20, folks traveled to Leipzig, Germany, to celebrate goth and dark music. Our photographer Paivi Salonen also was there, and here is an overview of her best pictures, including shots of Nitzer Ebb,.
  4. WAVE – GOTIK – TREFFEN /06/ REVIEW by Malice F. & George P. for mauderdetotitenbeuprecbanckiphece.xyzinfo mauderdetotitenbeuprecbanckiphece.xyzinfo keeping up with its tradition presents the most important moments of the 28th Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in Leipzig, Germany. For the 28th consecutive year, at Whitsun, THE biggest worldwide music -and not only- gothic festival took place in Leipzig and managed to gather around
  5. From Wave Gotik Treffen in , this #CyberGoth girl looks lovely in a b photo Hr Giger Agra Moda Gótica Festivales Gargantillas Ondas Leipzig Ciudad Imágenes Wave Gothic Event at Leipzig / HR Giger Absinthe Bar Nach dem ersten Besuch auf dem Agra Messegelände kann ich schon die ersten Bilder des Wave Gothic Festivals zeigen pins.
  6. Vom bis findet das Wave-Gotik-Treffen statt. Alle Infos zum Festival und viele nützliche Leipzig-Tipps rund ums WGT findest du hier.
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