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  1. I'm honestly shocked at how versatile that bass is for being under $ It's not as great as say a Dingwall NG3 w/ the Darkglass capsule, but I've been able to keep it in G-D-G-C-F for quite some time now with very minor tuning adjustments.
  2. Bass drum will jump out; the dynamic envelope of acoustic or electric bass will be accurately conveyed, allowing the music full rhythmic expression. We call these components punchy, and use the terms impact and slam to describe good bass dynamics. A related aspect is speed, though, as applied to bass, “speed” is a misnomer.
  3. Dec 24,  · However, the little bass with the F holes did a sterling job on Penny Lane, a song that required a bass-heavy tone with almost no mids or treble. You can achieve almost the same sound with more or less any bass, as long as the top-end is scarce: keep the notes staccato and muted for the classic Macca effect.
  4. This Bass Connections project will explore the impact of musicianship and multilingualism on delaying the behavioral symptoms of dementia. It will become the first scientific effort of its kind to address the interrelationship between languages, music and dementia. (bilingual and monolingual), both healthy subjects and patients.
  5. Jun 11,  · Monolingual Bass (Original Mix) / Orbe Ritzy featuring Elkan (Original Mix) / The Invariants,Elkan Pathfinder (Eric Cloutier Remix) / ARCHIVIST Dirty One / .
  6. In shopping for a bass guitar, you may run into something called a ‘modeling’ bass. A modeling bass uses computer technology to emulate the tonal characteristics of many different basses. The idea is you buy one bass and you can sound like you bought a bunch of basses. One bass has a number of presets from which you can select.
  7. However, instruction in Finnish schools is mainly monolingual, though all Finnish students are expected to eventually learn at least two languages in addition to their mother tongue (typically Finnish or Swedish), and thus they could all be considered multilingual. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA () Google Scholar. Ladson-Billings,

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