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  1. Define one-to-one. one-to-one synonyms, one-to-one pronunciation, one-to-one translation, English dictionary definition of one-to-one. adj. 1. Allowing the pairing of each member of a class uniquely with a member of another class. 2. Mathematics Relating to or being a correspondence between.
  2. Define one-on-one. one-on-one synonyms, one-on-one pronunciation, one-on-one translation, English dictionary definition of one-on-one. adj. 1. Consisting of or being direct communication or exchange between two people: one-on-one instruction. 2. Sports Playing directly or exclusively.
  3. "One and One" was the third single of Italian electronic dance musician Robert Miles, released on 4 November from his debut album Dreamland and his second hit, it features English singer Maria Nayler on vocals. "One and One" was Robert Miles second number one on the US dance charts, and it also went to number one in Israel, Italy and Scotland.
  4. Nov 02,  · Directed by James Wong. With Jet Li, Carla Gugino, Delroy Lindo, Jason Statham. A rogue Multiverse agent goes on a manhunt for alternate versions of himself, getting stronger with each kill. Only the last version of himself, an LASD cop, can stop his crusade before he becomes "The One".
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  6. one-to-one definition: 1. Something that is in a one-to-one relationship with another thing strongly influences the way. Learn more.
  7. One-to-one definition is - pairing each element of a set uniquely with an element of another set.
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