Needlepoint - Sooterkin Flesh - The Thread Of My Masters Weave (File, MP3)

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  1. Needlepoint is worked one stitch at a time on even-weave canvas and is easy to learn. If you are new to needlepoint, here are nine basic things you need to know to get started with your first project. Get tips on the right size needed to work your project as well as different ways to easily and properly thread the needle to make your.
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  4. Don’t run the thread for long distances. Instead, end the thread and start it again in a new area. The most common stitches used in needlepoint are the tent stitches—the continental and the basketweave stitch. These form a small, diagonal stitch on the canvas. Decorative stitches can be used as well.
  5. Needlepoint is one of the most popular forms of embroidery and needle arts, enjoyed by people of all ages. Jo-Ann’s has a great selection of fun needlepoint kits, patterns, and supplies for all needle art enthusiasts. Beginners and experienced needlepoint artists alike will find something to love at Jo-Ann’s.
  6. On mono canvas, the intersections have one thread on top of the other. (See illustration) When you stitch a down row, be sure the vertical canvas thread (pole) is on top. For an up row, the horizontal (step) thread is on top. Look at the illustrations and you will see up and down rows worked.
  7. All are great ribbons to work with for embroidery, cross-stitch and needlepoint. Gloriana ribbons come in 4mm, 7mm and 13mm (selected colors) Dinky Dyes ribbons come in 4mm and 7mm Planet Earth Tonal ribbons come in 4mm, 7mm, 10mm & 13mm Thread Gatherer ribbons come in 4mm and 7mm.

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