Its About That Time

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  1. Nov 06,  · It’s about that time. November 6, Nate Haywood Leave a comment. Flames look to improve in McKay’s second year. Exactly one week before the .
  2. Its about that time WG will announce what is coming after the new tech tree (German CVs). Anybody got any hunches as to what it may be? Heres my list. My Top Picks: USN BBs ! USN DDs ! Next Best Picks: Italian BBs! IJN CLs! German CLs! Italian DDs! French CLs! A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES: E.
  3. May 18,  · It’s about that time SCAB! May 18, | By: Gary Snyder. If you didn’t remove the infected leaves from around your crabapples, hawthorn, or pears last fall, you may be in for another round of Apple Scab or just Scab. Release of spores from fallen leaves usually occur about bud break in the spring and continues into the flowering stages.

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