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  1. Dec 27,  · a.c.: Abbreviation on a prescription meaning before meals; from the Latin "ante cibum", before meals. This is one of a number of abbreviations of Latin terms that have traditionally been used in writing prescriptions.
  2. Jun 18,  · Ç is not considered a distinct letter, but a variant of C. It is used where a > pronounced /s/ occurs before, or (due to etymology or inflexion). Examples: (inflexion) caçar (infinitive), cace (imperative). (Etymology) maça from Latin mattia, massa from Latin massa (both /ˈmasa/). Never occurs word-initially.
  3. (More likely) Excel is interpreting your textual data as latin-1 or windows, and not UTF "°" is what you get if you take the UTF-8 bytes for "°" (0xc2 0xb0) and interpret each byte as a character of latin-1 or windowsIs there an option for input encoding when you do your import?
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  5. A.C.O.D. | MPAA Rating: R (Restricted) | CC. out of 5 stars Prime Video $ with a Prime membership. Starring: Adam Scott, Catherine O'Hara, Richard Jenkins, et al. Directed by: Stuart Zicherman Best Seller in Computer.
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